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Product on the ground in Halifax ensures you can fill your customers’ orders and respond to their needs at a moments notice. With our close proximity and easy access to the Port of Halifax, we can easily connect to any market, anywhere in the world.

Our state-of-the art facilities, equipment & technology, combined with top-notch employees let our customers know they can rely on us to handle any volume from a truckload to a shipload.

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Halifax: Your hub of global advantage

Halifax is a global shipping hub and from it you can easily connect to any market, anywhere in the world. With world-class facilities and security, many of the world’s largest shipping lines call on the Port of Halifax for their unique needs.

The city has the deepest shipping berths and ice-free harbour on the East Coast of North America. As well, Halifax boasts immediate proximity to road, rail and airfreight routes. These are just a few of the smart reasons that businesses, who need to move goods efficiently and effectively into Canada, are reconsidering the West Coast and making the move to the Port of Halifax.

Port of Halifax Advantages

  • Connections to over 150 countries for imports and exports
  • Strategically located on the Great Circle Route
  • First westbound North American port-of-call from Europe and Southeast Asia via the Suez
  • Faster inland transit to Central and Midwest Canada & U.S. by rail or road
  • Un-congested terminals
  • Best-in-North America minimal dwell times
  • Seamless on-dock rail connections

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